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Introduction to Audio

Whole house music and multi-room systems are very popular in homes and living spaces of all shapes and sizes. There are many ways to send music throughout a home, including wired and/or wireless connections that enable control from anywhere. 

Wireless audio systems

Wireless multi-room music systems are quickly catching up to wired systems in terms of sound quality and control. One of the primary benefits of using wireless speakers and/or equipment is flexibility. If you decide you want to rearrange a room or relocate speakers, you don't have to worry about all the work involved with re-wiring everything.

Wired audio systems

If you own a home with computer network wiring already installed, you have a huge advantage. Running wires through existing walls is one of the most difficult and expensive parts of installing whole house music systems. An alternative is the Powerline Carrier Technology (HomePlug), which sends stereo music and control signals throughout your home via your home's existing electrical wiring.

The future of dimensional audio sound

Dynamic sound, also known as spatial sound, is sound as we hear it naturally, and the technology behind recreating it is quite amazing. Sounds come from all directions and distances, and we're able to distinguish them by their pitch, tone, loudness, and location. HomeLink Design sources latest technology, high-end audio brands from around the world.